A Truck Cab Storage System that works Hard

A Truck Cab Organization and Storage System is a must when you work out of your truck.  In fact, it is an OSHA regulation.  (OSHA Regulations (Standards – 29 CFR)  Motor vehicles – 1926.601 “Tools and material shall be secured to prevent movement when transported in the same compartment with employees.”)  In addition to taking charge of your safety,  being more organized helps you perform at the top of your game. Stow expensive tools and valuable test equipment with the CargoDeck or manage important paperwork and with the ConsoleOffice.  We even offer entry level systems that will save you money.  Check out the CargoTray.

TruckOffice LLC created its first truck cab storage system in 2006.  We are serious about keeping you safer and more organized.  Our products have been hard-core tested on dirt roads and two tracks, in the freezing cold of Wisconsin ice storms and the blazing heat of southern Arizona summers. We are with you in the oil field, under high-voltage transmission lines and everywhere between.  Let’s make your job easier!

In 2018 we entered a new market by introducing the BanditBox.  For years we have noticed our Law Enforcement Officers have had Prisoner Containment in their Crew Cab Pickups; but no safe way to securely store extra weapons and ammunition, or safety equipment and paperwork.  The BanditBox provides both!

Your Safety – Your Security – Your Organization

Inside Your Truck Cab Storage System

Your Shop and Your Safety at a higher level. Keep tools organized and secure.

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Secure the prisoner.  Secure the evidence.  Out of sight storage for equipment and paperwork.

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Your office right by your side! When your don’t have room for a CargoDeck, let the ConsoleOffice keep your paperwork tidy and easy to find.  There is even room to store small tools!

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Excellent safety and storage!

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