TruckOffice products are available from high quality truck equipment suppliers located throughout the USA and Canada. If there isn’t a dealer in your area, please call us directly. Replacement parts can be ordered from your local dealer for directly from us.
The Base or Mounting Brackets are the adapter and pickup model specific. We design our products to fit to the floor of your pickup exactly and fasten to floor using the same attach points the rear seat used. This unique design offers unparalleled security and safety advantages.
It’s pretty simple. Do you need paper management or tool management? The ConsoleOffice is designed for paperwork and office supply management. You can hang files, store tech manuals, pens and pencils will be easy to find. The CargoDeck and CargoTray are perfect for organizing tools and equipment. With the TopGuard (optional on the Ford CargoDeck and CargoTray) your top shelf is much more usable and secure. Decide on Drawer or No Drawer in your Ford by asking yourself if you need to store small items in that drawer. If not, the CargoTray is a much more cost effective system and offers plenty of storage under the bottom shelf for long or soft items.
We sell our products through high quality truck equipment supply houses that can offer installation and technical assistance. If you would like to explore the possibility of becoming a distributor, please send an email to with your company information.