TruckOffice products are available from high quality truck equipment suppliers located throughout the USA and Canada. If there isn’t a dealer in your area, please call us directly. Replacement parts can be ordered from your local dealer for directly from us.
The Base is the adapter. It is designed to fit the floor of your pickup exactly and fastens to the floor using the same attach points the rear seat used. This unique design offers unparalleled security and safety advantages.
An inverter transforms the DC electricity stored in your pickup battery into standard household AC power. Anything you can plug into a wall outlet can be plugged into an inverter. There are two types of inverters on the market today. One is called Modified Sine Wave (MSW) and the other is Sine Wave (SW) (also called pure sine wave or true sine wave). The differences between the two are subtle, but significant in the way they affect the operation of certain types of loads. SW is considered the ideal wave form and offers the same clean quality as the utility power delivered to your home. SW inverters eliminate incompatibility and performance loss issues – such as lines on television screens and motors running hotter. TruckOffice installs SW inverters only. In most applications we use the GO POWER 1000 watt SW inverter because it can be mounted in any position, is smaller than its competitors and has an outstanding performance record. If you require something different please contact us for options.
The Universal Chest is made from Low Linear Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) ground to a 35 mesh powder. LLDPE has high tensile strength in addition to high impact and puncture resistance. LLDPE is the standard preferred process and material for cold weather applications. It performs well in sub-zero as well as scorching hot weather.
It’s pretty simple. Do you need paper management or tool management? The TruckOffice and ConsoleOffice are designed for paperwork management. The compartments are perfectly sized to accommodate hanging files, tech manuals and portable files. The CargoDeck is perfect for organizing tools and equipment parts. The CabinGuard is all about keeping whatever is in the back of the cab in the back of the cab. If you have tools to secure, paperwork to organize, and a need to recline your seat for the all-nighter on the job site, it’s the product for you.
We sell our products through high quality truck equipment supply houses that can offer installation and technical assistance. If you would like to explore the possibility of becoming a distributor, please send an email to with your company information.