The Problem:

You have a bunch of loose tools sitting on the backseat in your pickup. You can’t find anything and in the back of your mind you are worried about one of those tools coming forward and clobbering you or your partner in the head if you have to stop fast. You are looking for a way to better organize your valuable tools and test equipment, and keep it safely contained.

The Solution: CargoDeck or CargoTray

2016-01-23 23.49.59

A level platform for tools, test equipment and other expensive weather-sensitive items

A locking long drawer for site plans and precision levels (Available for Ford only)

Optional TopGuard for full floor to ceiling protection

(Shown in Photo above with Optional TopGuard)

2016-01-23 23.50.56


The CargoDeck  & CargoTray shelves, cage and base are all made from 14 gauge steel that is powder-coated for a long, rust-resistant life. The cage is now made from steel which is stronger than the flattened expanded metal or welded wire mesh we have used in the past.

Top Tray 17″ x 56″, Bottom Tray 26.5″ x 56″, 19.5″ between trays


(Shown in Photo right – the top of CargoDeck with Optional TopGuard)




2016-01-23 23.50.44CargoTray is a cost effective version of the CargoDeck that is enjoying a lot of popularity.  You get the solid, flat platform for managing your tools and equipment, and the comfort of knowing that using the CargoTray properly meets OSHA regulations that require all cargo in the cabin be secured.

There is plenty of room underneath the tray for storing additional items like jackets, shoes, tire chains or jumper cables. The CargoTray is mounted directly to the pickup floor with model specific brackets that are included in the purchase price.

(Shown in photo – CargoTray with Optional TopGuard)

Optional TopGuard

2016-01-23 23.51.10

We now offer the TopGuard which gives you a floor to ceiling barrier with your CargoDeck or CargoTray.  The TopGuard is made from 14 gauge powder-coated steel.


Optional Rubber Mat will help silence the rattling and smooth the ride for your expensive test equipment.

The CargoDeck is made in the USA. Some of the  drawer runners are imported. If you know of an American manufacturer for these parts, we will use them. This product is intended to be a permanent fixture in the vehicle. *All measurements are approximate.