The Problem:

You are hauling a bunch of test equipment and tools in the back of your cab. You are worried about damaging that valuable equipment. You can’t find anything in the mess and you could get hit in head by something coming forward in the event of a sudden stop. You need a better way to secure your expensive cargo.

The Solution: The CargoTray

We make the CargoTray for GMC, Chevrolet and Ford pickups. You’ll have a solid, flat platform for managing your tools and equipment, and the comfort of knowing that using the CargoTray properly helps meet OSHA regulations that require all cargo in the cabin be secured.

There is plenty of room underneath the bottom tray for storing additional items like jackets, shoes, tire chains or jumper cables. The CargoDeck is mounted directly to the pickup floor with model specific brackets that are included in the purchase price.

The CargoTray for GMC and Chevrolet includes the TopGuard in the purchase price. The TopGuard is optional in the Ford product at an additional cost.


The CargoTray for Chevrolet and GMC pickups includes two storage bins on the bottom tray.

The CargoTray shelves and cage are all made from 14 gauge steel that is powder-coated for a long rust-resistant life.

Chevrolet/GMC Top Tray 17” x 56”, Bottom Tray 28.5” x 56”, 22” between trays and 8” between the bottom tray and the floor.

Ford Top Tray 17” x 56”, Bottom Tray 26.5” x 56”, 19.5” between trays, 8” between bottom tray and floor.
All measurements are approximate.



The CargoTray is made in the USA.
This product is intended to be a permanent fixture in the vehicle.