The Problem:

You want some place secure to store your valuable laptop when it’s not in use. You need organized storage for your paperwork and the other odds and ends that are part of your job. Your back seat is always covered with stuff that has to be cleared off every time you need to carry passengers.  In the photos below: The cup holder is included.  The laptop holder and inverter are for demonstration purposes only.

The Solution: ConsoleOffice

  • Storage for your laptop and hand-held printer
  • Space for hanging files and printer paper
  • An organizer for pens, pencils and all those little things that used to end up lost
  • A padded top for your elbow and a double jumbo cup holder for your drink
  • And the whole thing locks so your valuable information is extra secure

The ConsoleOffice is made in the USA. This product is intended to be a permanent fixture in the vehicle.