Let us make your job easier:

Cliff and Debi know about working outside.  We know mud and dirt and wind.  Above all, we know your job is easier when your paperwork and tools are clean and easy to locate.  Additionally, we make laptops and equipment more secure from theft.  And you will find peace of mind keeping cargo from coming forward in the event of a wreck.  In other words, we provide you with a better work environment.  TruckOffice works for you.

Cliff Manning is the brains behind all our designs. Because he spent 30 years in the logging, construction and road building industries, he knows what it takes to get the job done.  Real world experience taught him the value of tough, useable systems.  TruckOffice products keep you safer and more organized when you are facing difficult weather and site challenges.

Debi Manning  owned and managed a 40 horse equestrian facility for 15 years.  For this reason she knows how important it is to provide information to customers.  She will help you choose the best system for your job.  Debi gets answers to your questions.  She gets the best freight price for you.  You want excellent customer service.  We give it to you.

We don’t do it alone

This team takes pride in constantly developing our skills and our lineup of experts. From metal whizzes to plastics engineers, our team of specialists will provide the right TruckOffice storage solution for you – whether that is a high-end installation or simply improving an existing system. In addition, we work with our Dealers to support you during purchase and installation.

Everyone involved is dedicated to quality, safety and customer satisfaction. For almost 15 years our skills have been honed by a wide range of clients and projects.  Our goal is to never stop learning from our customers and to always strive to improve.